For lighter/experienced riders that want a lighter-weight, more responsive board. Fliteboard comes standard with a prop guard. Advanced riders can setup “Pro Mode” by removing the prop guard with our prop duct removal kit - this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.

Board finish Ash
eFoil length and finish

The longer mast length allows smooth riding high above the chop and allows for an extreme turning angle without the board touching the water.

Wing set

All purpose wing, easy and stable enough for anyone to use. Medium cruising speeds. Carving and riding swell.

Battery and ride time

Upgrade for free to Flitecell Explore for a longer ride time (valued at $550).

Flitecell Explore Upgrade

$17,795 AUD
GST included. Shipping calculated in checkout as per our shipping policy

Estimated shipping: Flitecell Sport configuration in 6 weeks, Flitecell Explore configuration next day shipping.

Fliteboard Configuration includes

— Flite Controller
— Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabiliser
— Premium Charger
— eFoil Bag
— Fliteboard Bag
— Accessories Pouch
 2 Year Warranty