Flite AIR eFoil Innovation: Reducing Cost. Maintaining Quality.

By David Trewern

In the ever-evolving world of eFoil technology, Fliteboard has maintained its position as a trailblazer, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. The latest feather in our cap is the new Flite AIR range – a testament to our commitment to making electric hydrofoiling accessible to a broader audience.
But how did we manage to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality that enthusiasts have come to expect from the brand?

Revolutionary board concept

The Flite AIR range represents a leap forward in electric hydrofoil technology, combining performance, style, and affordability in a sleek package. The new board design (patent pending) has been in development for over 5 years, and combines a solid riding platform with an inflatable drop stitch construction outer bladder that reduces production costs and improves durability, all without a significant weight increase. It’s a board that is only slightly heavier than our hand made Fibreglass boards, and is constructed using sophisticated injection formed plastics and the latest in inflatable technology.

There are two boards in the range, Flite AIR and Flite AIR PRO, both models are easy to transport and learn on, yet are responsive and agile for more confident riders. We invested heavily in research and development to incorporate lightweight yet durable materials in the construction of the hydrofoil components. By leveraging advanced composite materials, we’ve managed to reduce manufacturing costs without compromising on structural integrity.

Flite AIR in Yuzu

The use of aerospace-grade materials not only contributes to the hydrofoil's durability but also enhances its overall performance. The lightweight design allows for increased manoeuvrability, longer battery life, and improved efficiency, providing riders with an exhilarating experience without breaking the bank.
Let’s look into the boards in more detail...

Flite AIR is 5’8” long, with extra buoyancy making it suitable for everyone from beginners and intermediates, to heavier riders.

The more agile Flite AIR PRO, at only 5’2” long, has similar weight and dimensions to the Fliteboard performance range.

“These are easy to use, durable and lightweight boards that will allow significantly more people to enjoy Fliteboarding.”

- Fliteboard Founder and Product Architect, David Trewern.

The beauty of the design ensures uncompromised quality: both boards integrate seamlessly with the existing Flite ecosystem ensuring consistency in performance, safety and durability.*

Flite AIR Solid platform/Outer bladder/Premium drop stitch construction/Injection moulded plastic/Advanced inflatable technology

Flite AIR leverages numerous patented Flite innovations as well as a host of unique features. Flite AIR riders can choose from Flite’s extensive range of wings, various mast sizes, the Sport or Nano battery, and innovative propulsion systems. All boards are interchangeable allowing you to swap the AIR board for any other board in our range for endless versatility. Building on Flite’s incredible safety features, the AIR board is softer and more forgiving than it’s carbon and fibreglass counterparts making it better suited to learners, as well as PRO riders pushing the limits of performance.

Fliteboard's commitment to efficiency goes beyond material selection. We’ve implemented state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to streamline production, reduce waste, and enhance cost-effectiveness. Advanced automation technologies have been integrated into the manufacturing line, optimizing precision and minimising human error, whilst still maintaining our craftsmanship heritage.

Thanks to intelligent design backed by cutting edge technology, Flite AIR is just EUR €6.700 with no compromises. Fliteboard's success in reducing the cost of the Flite AIR range while maintaining exceptional quality is a testament to our dedication to innovation. As the brand continues to explore new technologies and manufacturing processes, the future looks bright for electric hydrofoiling enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet premium experience on the water.

Fliteboard's technological advancements have reshaped the electric hydrofoil landscape, making the thrill of hydrofoiling more accessible to a wider audience. The Flite AIR range stands as a beacon of affordability and quality, showcasing how innovation can drive positive change in the world of water sports. As technology continues to evolve, Fliteboard remains at the forefront, leading the way towards a more exciting and affordable future for electric hydrofoiling. Get pumped.

*Please note: Flitecell Explore is not compatible with Flite AIR.