Fliteboarding: a shared family experience

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Fliteboarding is a great escape from the busyness of everyday life. While many love to get out on their own to enjoy the silence and beauty of nature, others love to share it with their families.


Connecting before college

Paul Young, a US customer, had a daughter who was about to go to college. He struck gold when he thought of the idea to get her out Fliteboarding with him, as a way for them to bond. “I wanted to thank you for creating Fliteboard. It has completely transformed my outlook on life and brought my daughter and I closer before she heads off to college in the fall!!”

It’s “the big smile on her face every time” that he loves most. Next up is a trip to Kauai together, where he hopes they can Fliteboard. As far as getting other family members on board, he figures his dog is keen to try it out. “He keeps jumping off the SUP board because he wants to eFoil.”


Bonding in Portugal

Rui Vasques, a customer in Portugal, Fliteboards with his 12 year old son. They started going out together in 2022 on his Fliteboard PRO. When his son fell in love with it, he bought an ULTRA for himself so they could ride together. They fly and race each other in Cascais in the sea and Montargil in a dam. They hope to ride in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives in the future.

Like so many others, Rui says Fliteboarding is “an escape from the busy day to day. When I am Fliteboarding I get away from work, problems, stress, and get the sense of flying, freedom and wind on my face.” Whether he is riding alone, with his son or with his wife, for him “it’s safe, fun and where I am happy.” Soon another member of their family will get flying, as his 8 year old daughter is already asking to get out on the water. “I guess that very soon we will have all family members flying!”

A family affair in Norway

In the cold waters of Norway, Kristina Ianke and her family love the joy that Fliteboarding together brings them. “It’s quite special as you can be so far out on the sea, in the middle of the fjords, out of reach from anything. Riding and listening to the kids, seeing their smiles, is like nothing else.” They recently purchased BbTALKIN for their helmets so there are lots of laughs listening to the kids as they’re foiling. Their daughter normally rides with her, while their son has graduated to carving around on a Fliteboard PRO. Soon they hope to get the grandparents involved, who are between 73-78 years old.



First time flying on ULTRA

Chris Reynolds, from the Flite team, was keen to find an experience that both he and his son could be passionate about. His son is into ball sports while he is into water sports, so when his son suggested Fliteboarding together, he jumped at the opportunity. The very first time they went out, he got his son to lie on the ULTRA while he explained what to do. His son started following the instructions and because he was so light, he could stand while stationary. “Why don’t I just squeeze the trigger while I am here Dad?” he said. Sure enough he got up foiling on the first go.

And it’s not just a father-son activity, as Chris’ wife loves it too. “We might end up with a garage full of Fliteboards one day so we can all go out together.”
Chris Reynolds and his son Fliteboard

Age is just a number

Another member of our Flite team, Kevin Noble, recently took his dad out, who is in his 70’s. With his background in racing cars, Kevin’s dad took to whizzing around prone on the board very naturally. As he got more confident with his second ride at Fliteboard Gold Coast, he took it up a notch.

After his dad did a couple of takeoffs and landings into the air on his hands and knees, Kevin went over and saw he was excited like a little kid. ‘Did I do it? Did I Fliteboard?” he asked. “He was so proud of himself, and exhausted by the thrill. It was incredible to make these memories together.”

Fliteboard with Dad

Lifelong UK foilers

Tom Court, from the Flite Performance Team, got into kitesurfing and foil surfing through his father, Andrew. When Tom first brought Fliteboard home, it gave him a sense of giving back. “Sharing time on a Fliteboard, blasting backcountry, discovering new ways to ride our local area really is an elevated feeling. We can talk to each other, share waves and create those magic experiences that really have the potential to enlighten. Every time we Fliteboard together is a day to remember!”

In the future Tom hopes to ride in Australia with more of the Flite crew. For him, “Fliteboarding is all about the location, the destination or the waves.” The coast of Portugal holds a special place in his heart, where he got to fly through the caves. Another special memory was with his dad: “Walking down his garden, both with Fliteboard ULTRA’s to the local break, with no one else in the water. We spent 1.5 hours riding waves, trading waves and loafing together, lost in the magic of the moment.”
Flite Performance rider Tom Court and Dad


Sharing eFoiling in Italy

Enrico Crepaldi’s story is one of Fliteboarding going from passion to a job. After meeting Flite Founder David Trewern in 2018 to try a prototype, he knew he wanted to work with Fliteboard. His son Federico soon followed in his footsteps, becoming a Certified eFoil Instructor managing Foil Training Center. “It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time doing something where we both feel connected. It is rewarding when we work together on a training course and receive compliments from the students about experiencing this new and unique feeling of flying.” Greece is one of their favourite places to ride and they hope to discover new secluded bays in Zakynthos one day soon.
Enrico and Son


Joy and healing in Australia

One of our Authorised Partners, Mic Evans from GlideTime, goes out Fliteboarding with his kids every time they visit. “Now that they are adolescents they absolutely love sharing the experience with me because it's easy to do and yet they are still independent within the activity.” When his kids bring their friends, he sees how they connect more deeply through sharing something so joyful. “The falling off and laughing is brilliant!”

Getting out on the water together has also brought amazing healing to his extended family. “After my father-in-law’s death, Fliteboarding helped us to overcome grief and come together and closer as a family.”

Mic from Glide time with his daughter 


Where it all started

Flite Founder & CEO David Trewern has been riding with his kids since the first prototypes. At first he brought them on board, so they could feel the magic of flying over water. Then as they grew older, he taught them to ride on their own. Testing new wings and features with his son has been a special bonding experience, and he loves seeing his kids having fun on Fliteboard with their friends.

“My family has seen Fliteboard evolve from the kitchen table to a sport enjoyed by thousands of people across 90 countries. Similar to snow skiing as a family, Fliteboarding is one of those unique activities that is fun and exciting whether the participant is 15 or 60 years old. We’ve been Fliteboarding together at home here in Byron and on holidays in Fiji, Spain, Italy and many other locations. In the future I’d love to get my mum on the water. She is nearly 80, but I am confident she can have a great experience on Flitescooter.
Fliteboard shared family experience, David Trewern and daughter


Freedom of Flite

Not only are people able to experience the joy and freedom of Flite in a marine friendly way with the electric motor, they’re also able to connect deeply with the ones they love. The memories created on the water are priceless, becoming special moments in time as children grow up, parents grow old and seasons change.