eFoil System

Flite’s eFoil system is built around a patented unibody fuselage which incorporates mast, propulsion system and tail into a single flowing form, without joints, bolts or seams, for greater hydrodynamic efficiency and stability. There are 3 lengths to choose from and wings attach in line, via the standard interface.

The 60cm/24" eFoil is a beginner friendly option. It is designed specifically for Flitescooter, the most stable and buoyant board in the range and offers the feeling of flight without soaring as high out of the water. Comes in a stunning anodised finish.

The 75cm/29.5" eFoil is the most popular mast length and best for versatility from carving to cruising. Soar smoothly above the water with less risk of propeller breaches. Ideal for Fliteboard and PRO. Comes in a stunning anodised finish.

The 80cm/31.5" eFoil is the most accessible choice for all round performance. Carve harder and tighter in turns, with the freedom of greater lean angles before the board touches the water. Ideal for tackling big waves on ULTRA / L. Comes in a stunning anodised finish.

eFoil System includes:
- eFoil System including propulsion
- eFoil Case

This item does not include board, wings, controller, accessories or Flitecell. Not compatible with Series 1. Please note that if you choose the Prop & Guard option, you will also receive a Pro Tail Cover. This is for advanced riders who want to remove the Prop Guard and replace it with a Pro Tail Cover, to reduce drag and improve efficiency. For advanced riders only, who use Pro Tail Cover at their own risk.

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